NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Training
NIH developed four video modules with accompanying discussion materials that focus on integral components of reproducibility and rigor in the research endeavor, such as bias, blinding, and exclusion criteria. These are not comprehensive training modules. They may serve as a foundation upon which to build further education, training, and discussion.

CLP Training Program Student Handbook
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Northwestern Core Facilities 
Research is a top priority at Northwestern. Core Facilities are a pivotal part of the University’s research infrastructure, providing resources that allow groundbreaking work to happen. Within these shared laboratories, researchers have the instrumentation and technical support to push forward discoveries that will shape the future of our nation and our world. Operating as fee-for-service facilities, most are available to external researchers as well.

Researcher’s Sex Inclusion Toolbox
In January of 2016, the NIH established a policy which requires the consideration of sex as a biological variable in biomedical and preclinical research. This policy marks a fundamental shift in the way researchers must evaluate sex in their experimental design. The Women’s Health Research Institute established the Sex-Inclusion Toolbox to support and engage investigators who are currently, or interested in, conducting sex-inclusive research.  

Northwestern’s The Graduate School Diversity Statement

A diverse student population is a key element of the educational experience of students in The Graduate School (TGS). Diversity presents itself in many different forms such as: socioeconomic status, race or ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or place of origin, disability, unique work or life experience, etc.  It is the goal of TGS to cultivate an environment that values diverse backgrounds, approaches, and perspectives—all essential ingredients for true academic excellence.

Northwestern demonstrates its commitment to diversity and inclusion with a comprehensive list of available resources for all members of our community.  To learn more about the University’s offerings, please visit Northwestern’s Diversity & Inclusion website.

Student Organizations
Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)
Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)
Graduate Student Association for Latino and Spanish Activities (G-SALSA)
Graduate Women Across Northwestern (GWAN)
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Queer Pride Graduate Student Association (QPGSA)